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X Lase Hair Removal Question & Answer

After how many sessions would I be able to see a result?

One has to do a minimum of 6 sessions in a span of 6 months. We have three phases of growth so this way each hair growth stage is done two times. The client will see a good result from the very first session, however after the fourth session, the change is dramatic. Each treatment will eliminate about 30 per cent of what you have.

The first three sessions are done with three weeks interval, because we have three phases of growth so we have to cover all three in the shortest possible time, its like knocking down an adversary on a boxing ring :)) the subsequent sessions are done according to hair growth, but usually fourth session is after 5 weeks, fifth after 8 and so on and so forth.

Where can it be done?
It can be done practically anywhere...

What After-care procedures do I have to take care of?
It is important not to take very hot showers or hot baths on the same day and no sunbathing and no saunas for three days.

Can I go about normally after the treatment?
A little redness is expected however, clients are free to resume normal activities immediately.

Why do I choose X Lase Diode, from all the other Lasers on the market?

  • Card has no expiry
  • Card can be shared with anyone
  • Lastest technology
  • No pain
  • The dynamic cooling system makes it possible to treat darker skin.
  • Can be used on lighter hair growth
  • Fast, effective and comfortable
  • Clinically proven safe
  • Can treat even sensitive skin
  • Amazing result
  • Italian engineering


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