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Treatment details:

Foot Massager
The Shiatsu foot massager for the relieving of foot pain, swelling and burning sensation. Great for heavy and tired legs and feet

Pedi Gel Polish
Using gel polish instead of traditional polish is said to make the pedicure last longer, without chipping. The gel also provides a smooth, clean look.

  • Will last for a good three to four weeks.
  • Shorter drying time.
  • Intense Shine
  • You can get interesting designs, even French polish!
  • It protects your nails.

Mini Pedicure
Relax while your feet soak in our whirlpool foot bath while natural herbal foot soak crystals to sooth your tired feet.We exfoliate. We will cut and shape nails, push and cut cuticles prior to removing any excess callous you may have accumulated. After the application of a good foot moisturizer and a light massage on the foot and calf, nail protein is applied. You can opt to have either gel polish or a nail polish of your choice. The colour selection is endless!!

Pedicure Luxury Treatment
The ultimate foot treatment to leave you feeling like you are walking on the clouds. You will receive all the benefits of the above mini pedicure, along with a thorough calf and foot exfoliation, a deep ten-minute massage and a refreshing mint cool mask. We finish off with a nail protein and a nail polish of your choice.
An hour and fifteen minutes of pure indulgence for the feet!!

Callus Peel Treatment
Calluses form when your skin dries out. Pair that with the amount of steps you take every day and calluses are likely to form. But fear not! A callus peel couldn’t be simpler and is usually performed in four easy steps. First, your therapist will apply a specially designed skin patch to the bottom of your foot and your heel to soften your skin. She leaves that to act for ten minutes. Next, a plastic scraper will be used to gently peel off the callus. It is as easy as that!! Who would have thought? After the callus has been removed (hallelujah!), your therapist will polish the healthy skin found beneath before moisturising it with nourishing and hydrating cream.



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