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Swedish Massage is the most common type of massage used in the West. This type of massage is used to stimulate circulation, release tight muscles, move the lymphatic system and relieve pain. The Swedish massage will calm your nervous system and promote a sense of relaxation and well-being. A Swedish massage can be slow and gentle or vigorous and deep depending on the therapist's personal style, what she wants to achieve and the preference of the client.

If you want deeper work and can tolerate more pressure to get relief from chronic muscle pain, it's better to book a deep tissue massage, which is another form of Swedish massage. If you have pain, it will likely take a series of massages to get results. Massage therapy can also help with managing the pain from conditions such as arthritis and sciatica. Swedish massage and other types of therapeutic massage are all performed by trained, qualified massage therapists.
In all Swedish massage, the therapist moistens the skin with massage oil and performs the basic techniques which are effleurage, petrissage, friction, tapotement, vibration/nerve strokes. These movements warm up the muscle tissue, releasing tension and gradually breaking up muscle "knots" or adhered tissues, called adhesions.

Swedish massage promotes relaxation, among other health benefits, but before the massage, the therapist should ask you about any injuries or other conditions that he or she should know about. Things you would want to tell a therapist include areas of tightness or pain, allergies, and conditions like pregnancy. You can also tell them upfront if you have a preference for light or firm pressure. After the consultation, the therapist instructs you how to lie on the table—face up or face down and underneath the sheet or towel and then leaves the room. She will knock or ask if you are ready before entering. A full body massage includes the legs front and back, the arms, hands, the abdomen, the back, neck and face. A session lasts approximately 50 minutes and 20 minutes for a back massage.


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