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What’s the lymphatic system?
Lymphatic Drainage Massage or treatment uses gentle, repetitive strokes to facilitate the lymphatic system. It is a specialised massaged that supports your body’s internal filtration system to help keep your immune system in check.
The lymphatic system plays an instrumental role in protecting us from infection and disease. This network of tissues and organs is part of the body’s immune system and assists in removing toxins, waste and other unwanted materials from the body.

The principal function of the lymphatic system is the transportation of lymph, a fluid containing the white blood cells that are essential for fighting infections throughout the body. Lymph fluid passes through lymphatic vessels and lymph nodes, with the latter filtering the lymph.

With the lymphatic drainage system so important for such functions as filtering plasma in the bloodstream and checking the quality of the blood, it is instructive to know the wide range of health benefits that the right lymphatic drainage treatment can bring.

What are the health benefits of this massage?

1.Boosts body’s filtration system
Massage has been noted for its ability to stimulate the body’s natural cleansing processes, which can slow down due to such factors as poor diet or insufficient exercise.

2. Can increase energy
Any kind of massage helps to stimulate the body’s circulation, ensuring that blood pumps around the body with greater vigour. The better your circulation, the more energy you can expect to have and the more effectively your organs will function, particularly regarding the elimination of toxins.

Lymphatic drainage massage technique
There are various “schools” of how lymphatic drainage treatment – also known as manual lymph drainage (MLD) – can be performed. All are based on the application of directional manual pressure to the limb and torso to assist in the drainage of excess lymphatic fluid.

Lymphatic drainage massage is based on a single principal motion, with a straight stretch sufficient to open the initial lymphatics and stimulate the lymph angions, supported by a little lateral motion. Lymphatic drainage motions use stationary circles as their basis, with the emphasis on pushing the lymph towards the correct nodes.

One of the defining aspects of any lymphatic drainage technique is the light application of pressure, which can even clients, especially those that are used to Swedish or deep tissue massage. The finest practitioners of lymphatic drainage know that it takes almost no pressure at all to deform the skin, and that pushing too hard collapses the initial lymphatic.
Success depends on such factors as rhythm, sequence and the direction of the strokes – after all, the purpose is to push the lymph towards the correct nodes, rather than away from them.

Who would lymphatic drainage be good for?
Lymphatic drainage treatments could be of relevant to a wide range of individuals having problems with aches, pains and most important of all those clients suffering from swelling (lymphedema).
Lymphatic Drainage massage is booked by the hour.




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