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Ocean Secrets

An innovative facial rejuvenating treatment from France enriched with the beautifying treasures of the sea. The rich minerals of sea water, the valuable trace elements and the extracts of unique algae are captured in the form of tiny pearls. This formula guarantees that the freshness of the active agents is entirely preserved until usage. Our beauticians use a special massage technique to restore the natural structure of the skin to a top shape through a combination of tightening and motions which facilitate a deep sense of relaxation. Once the pearls are exposed due to the unique technique, the active ingredients are effused directly into the skin.
This is a truly feminine, relaxing treatment which captivates the senses and which

  • stimulates the production of collagen,
  • tightens the skin,
  • reduces the depth of wrinkles,
  • and rejuvenates the facial contours.

One can continue with an Ocean Secret home regime serum plus moisturizing cream to keep up the work of the therapist.


Magnificant White

The patented active ingredient Pylawhite is extracted from a macro-seaweed and the product of five years of research by Thalion Laboratories
Thalion’s Magnificent White facial leverages the combined qualities of two active ingredients, and is designed for women seeking a fairer complexion.

Boasting the same skin-lightening effects as kojic acid, a common ingredient in whitening products, the patented active ingredient Pylawhite is extracted from a macro-seaweed and the product of five years of research by Thalion Laboratories.

Thalion says that Pylawhite lowers melanin synthesis so that dark spots are reduced and the complexion is brightened. It is also combined with vitamin C, which aims to target pigmentation defaults and boosts collagen production for firmer skin.

The blend of ingredients is designed to deliver a treatment that prevents new dark spots and achieves an anti-ageing result.

The 60-minute facial begins with the cleansing of the skin, followed by exfoliation with an enzymatic peel, before the application of the brightening activator serum, skin-tone brightening cream and brightening mask.

The treatment has been recently introduced at the St Gregory, which features spa locations in Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, China and Vietnam.

A full suite of four products in the Thali White range is offered to help maintain the results of the facial, as well as a sun care product to prevent sun damage.


Youth Perfection
If you suffer from pigmentation, skin is tired-looking and dull. "Youth Perfection" is perfect for you (recommended for age 40+). Highly effective procedure in which the skin scrubbing with micro-silica, AHA acids and enzymes.
Exfoliation & removal of toxins. Thanks to seaweed complex, green clay and essential oils, this product not only removes toxins from the skin, but also intensifies the intercellular exchange. Laminaria digitata and Thalasa-oligo provides the skin with essential trace element, improve blood circulation & oxygenation. Abrasive particles remove dead cells and “unveils”a new skin.

Remineralisation. Incredibly refreshing aroma of the sea moisturizer containing sea fennel (Crithmum maritimum), a natural source of vitamin C, sodium PCA (natural moisturizer in our skin), and antioxidants,will provide a strong remineralisation effect.

Micro - exfoliation and regeneration. Micro-pearls quartz absorbs the active ingredients in order to improve their ability to penetrate the skin, while the mask is masked. Performs like a micro-abrasion thanks to small beads (100 microns). Collagen of marine origin, salt and sea fennel provides the skin with antioxidants to moisturize and promote regeneration. asks time hand massage is performed.

Massage. The massage is performed with highly concentrated reparative cream, enhances skin texture, prevents discoloration, and pigmentation changes, smooths wrinkles, increases skin volume.


Thalion Eye Treatment
Instantly plumps the eye contour and protects premature aging. A real cell booster, it activates micro circulation to prodcue immediate decongestion. The specific manipulations lifts features and restores firmness to the eyelids.



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