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Treatment details:

dermatude logoA smoother tone, a firmer skin, tight contours, faded wrinkles and an even complexion thanks to the anti-aging treatment of Dermatude Meta Therapy. 100% natural!
Direct visible result

  • Safe, 100% natural treatment
  • No need for botox, fillers or facelift!

It is a mechanical form of skin needling with many more advantages, such as you can treat different areas of the face with different intensities and the needle head is changed and disposed of each and every time making the treatment completely safe!

Dermatude Meta Therapy activates the natural skin renewal mechanism, right there where it all happens in the skin. Collagen and elastin production is stimulated: a natural way of skin improvement from the inside out. Immediately after the first treatment you can feel and see the difference. After a course of treatments, the results are sensational – and all YOU!



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This project was financed using EU funds
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