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Treatment details:

Eyelash Extensions are semi-permanent, synthetic or silk extensions, available in a great range of sizes and colors. These lashes are individually grafted (glued) onto your natural lash – NOT the skin. This application is completed using a medical glue that will remain bonded for the duration of your natural lashes growth span – approximately 4 weeks.

Classic Style Extensions, applied 1 extension per 1 natural lash. The length and curve are chosen according to the condition of natural eyelashes. This style is perfect for adding extra length to your lashes or to create “Mascara Effect”.

Volume Style Extensions (other names for this technique are Russian Volume, Hollywood Volume, 3D Volume, 6D Volume, XD Volume) thinner and lighter extensions are used usually in thicknesses of 0.05mm -0.01mm which means multiple lashes can be applied without damaging the lash, looking “clumpy”, or feeling too heavy and unnatural allows to place up to 10 extensions per natural eyelash. They create a full and natural feather-effect look also dramatic and glamorous look.


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