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Launching July 2018

A relaxing and refreshing night cream

Guinot’s Crème Night Logic is a hydrating cream that works throughout the night to relax the skin, creating a rested and refreshed complexion – as if waking up after a good night’s sleep. Stress throughout the day inhibits the skin from receiving oxygen, so this moisturizer specifically acts at night (when the skin is in its resting and repairing phase) to neutralize the effects of stress, eases tensed skin and deeply hydrates. Guinot’s key ingredients of Chrononight, Esculoside, and Hydrocyte Complex work side-by-side to help improve circulation and lock in hydration, all while the body sleeps – the most propitious time for healing. With a smooth, lightly scented, non-greasy texture, Crème Night Logic eliminates signs of fatigue, creating a morning glow before you even wake up.

For use: Apply each night to the entire face after cleansing thoroughly.

Key Ingredients:

Based on chronobiology, this biotechnological extract derived from a pseudo-microalgae has day-night growth rhythms similar to that of cells. This makes it possible to help boost cell metabolism when it is most propitious: at night.

This ingredient acts as a ‘tonic’ for the circulation and helping to improve the microcirculation, and while detoxifying.

Hydrocyte Complex
This powerful moisturizing agent maintains water deep in the epidermis and forms a protective barrier on the skin's surface, thereby limiting water evaporation.


Available at Skinsense, Health and Beauty Clinic.

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