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Treatment details:

Beaute Lifting
Firming and smoothing treatment with Pro-Collagen
This intensive skincare treatment with pro-collagen has a tensor action that helps to plump and firm facials contours. It helps to re-establish the skin’s tone and natural luminosity for a brighter, more radiant and lifted complexion. Ideal for tired, slackening skin that is showing signs of ageing.

How it works
Wrinkle Eraser
The wrinkle eraser containing hyaluronic acid is applied to deep wrinkles as a focused pre-treatment.

Lifting Massage with Pro-Collagen
The lifting massage with pro-collagen works the muscles to restore elasticity and firmness to the skin.

Firming Mask
The firming mask releases active ingredients to rejuvenate and further tone the skin.



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This project was financed using EU funds
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European Structural and Investment
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